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Agar aap apni site ke backend main module manager main ja kar poll module main new poll ko select kareen gi to aapka poll activte ho ja'e ga.

AS per i can see you have only made a new poll in component and saved it but your module is still activated with old poll settings.

Yeh meree demo site hai orignal aajkal server issue kee wajah se band hai.

ise mai N ne aaj hee fantestico ke zariye se install kiyaa hai.

here is currently show of new Russian rolling stock in SPb.

Here is few photos from the show taken by Tolya from Transport in Russia forum. SPb - Moscow: , 200kmph, ER200, 2006 SPb - Moscow: , 250kmph, RUS 250/330, 2009 SPb - Moscow: perspective (separate HSR line), 330kmph (350kmph), RUS 250/330 SPb - Helsinki: , Pendolino (but afaik not finally decided), 2009 Moscow - Lower Novgorod: , 160kmph, RUS 250/330 (dual-system), 2010 Mosocw - Kazan': , 140kmph, EP10, 2006 Mosocw - Minsk: , 140kmph, EP10, 2006 Mosocw - Adler (Sochi): 140kmph, EP10, 2008 Mosocw - Kiev: 140kmph, EP10, 2006 common view For replacement of old VL10 and VL11.

Good luck Desi Babu jawab ke li Ye bohat shukriyah.

background me N mai N articles ma Kh Soo S taaree Khoo N me N publish karoo N aur jaise hee publishing date aa jaa Ye woh automatically pages ko display kare. Ab aapki problems ki taraf, ab mujhe nahi pata ke aapne kya kuch kya hai site par aur kis cheez main madad chahye.Aur rahi login page show karne ki take members need to login to get access to the hidden sections/ moduls then you have to change there access level from modules/ sections.Is tarah jis access level ko aap select kareen gi us type ke users ko access mile gi when they will log inn to their profile.that times there was no computers and so much electronics in trains..I didn't mean those tv etc in the passenger coaches ... don't know exatcly what's the techonologies in those (european design look-a-like) locomotives ...

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