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If you are looking for games, then head over to Best i Pad games - where we showcase the greatest games around for your i OS device.

Or if you're using an i Phone 7 (or one of its excellent brethren) head over to our best i Phone apps list.

Still, if you routinely find yourself juggling folders or text documents, Kaleidoscope may prove an essential part of your i OS toolkit.

is a creative sound toy that mashes up minimalist animal stickers and song-making.

This means you can use the app to learn to count in anything from French to Swedish, and record custom prompts if your own language isn’t supported.

is a resolutely production-focused app, designed to take advantage of new functionality found in i OS 11 on modern i Pads.

Across four environments, you drag stickers from a strip at the bottom of the screen onto your canvas.

Use a single digit, and the app chirps while a grinning one-shaped monster jigs about.

When comparing images, there are various views (such as a basic A/B switch), but Kaleidoscope’s interpretation of a wipe slider is awkward, having two handles that must be separately positioned.

And even with text, there’s one shortcoming, in the i OS app lacking the ‘text merge’ capabilities of its mac OS cousin.

There are four locations: barn, house, field, and store.

Each of them is packed full of elements to interact with.

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