Who is iris from big brother dating

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The more time you have to yourself, you get to reflect on things that have happened before and how things were when you left. It just so happens that it occurred the last time just before I entered the Big Brother house.”Mandla, however, has no regrets and has no immediate plans with regards to his future.

When probed further about his relationship with Lexi, he divulged that a coffee date is on the horizon to determine if there was a future for them.

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However, it may also seem like Big Brother Mzansi is looking at a different time line.Without it hanging over the premiere, they practically sizzled.Iris didn’t once feel shoehorned into the plot—she delivered as a natural partner to Barry in every way.In her initial incarnation on the show, Candice Patton’s Iris fulfilled a function old as time on superhero shows: the love interest with no idea how super the show’s hero is.As many have pointed out, as Batman), so Iris—with her journalism job, clandestine rooftop meetings with a mysterious crime fighter, and general cluelessness about his nerdy alter ego—slid right into a role we’ve seen a number of on-screen Lois Lanes play out.

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