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I have probably bought and returned dozens of backup batteries, card cords and wall chargers searching in vain for something that would work!

And yes, each of them claimed be 'high current' devices that would charge tablets and smartphones.

" First, a word of warning: I am providing steps on modifying a USB cable AT YOUR OWN RISK.

It involves using sharp objects your mother warned you about, and could potentially damage your phone, computer, charger or any other device or body part you may use during this process.

Frustrated, I searched all over for a solution to this problem - hoping for a software fix - since the phone is looking for a signal from a driver on a PC.

I found some that involve unlocking an engineering display and changing some internal OS settings.

Somebody in the Blackberry universe thought it was a good idea in the software to look for certain signals on the USB data lines when the phone is plugged in.A quick Google search turned up some, but mostly they were "charge/sync" cables. Looking further, I found an article by Ami Fischman describing how to hack a USB cable to do it -- by using tape and foil to short the 2 center pins on the computer side plug (D and D- are the center two).He suggests using a small piece of aluminum foil and cellophane tape so the short appears to the "phone side" and the computer side sees nothing because it is insulated by the tape.To apply the Daylight Saving Time patch to your Black Berry device using USB please reference the following system requirements and follow these steps.Back to Top NOTE: If you are an IT Administrator on the Aliant, Sasktel, and MTS network, it is critical that you do not push out the DST patch to your 7250 subscribers before first carefully reading this page.

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