Updating deleting predicates oracle dating pro athletes

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Its purpose is to fill in the ID field of Students with a vlaue generated from the student_sequence sequence.CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Generate Student ID BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE ON students FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SELECT student_sequence.nextval INTO :new.Even though we haven't specified a value for the primary column ID (which is required), the trigger will supply it. BEGIN INSERT INTO customer_audit -- different table from the triggering table VALUES (:old. END; • The above row-level BEFORE UPDATE trigger will be executed only if the new value of the Amount column is more than 10 percent greater than its old value.• The When clause adds further criteria to the triggering condition.

AUDIT_EMP_HOURS' CREATE TABLE Audi Tbl ( id_audit NUMBER NOT NULL , username VARCHAR2 (20) , action VARCHAR2 (400) , dt_action DATE , table_name VARCHAR2 (100) , old_value VARCHAR2 (400) , new_value VARCHAR2 (400) ); Table created.

The commands shown in the BEGIN and END are to be executed for every UPDATE of the customer table that passes the WHEN condition. Amount); ELSE -- if not inserting, then we are updating Amount INSERT INTO customer_audit VALUES(:old. The INSERTING portion of the trigger body inserts the new values of the record into the Triggers and Dependencies A trigger has a separate name space from a procedure/function or package, which means there is no naming conflict with a procedure.

Using Trigger Predicates: INSERTING, UPDATING, and DELETING We can use three boolean functions to determine what the operation is (since you can have several triggering operations, sometimes you need to determine which operation is performing now). Since the trigger is stored in source format, it does not depend on anything.

CREATE [OR REPLACE] TRIGGER trigger_name ON table_name [FOR EACH ROW] [WHEN (logical_expression)] [DECLARE] [PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION;] declaration_statements; BEGIN execution_statements; END [trigger_name]; / CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER audit_emp_hours BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON employees BEGIN IF TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'HH24: MI') NOT BETWEEN '' AND '' OR TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'DY') IN ('SAT', 'SUN') THEN RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR (-20205, 'You may only make changes during normal office hours'); END IF; END; / Trigger Created.

SQL update employees set salary=43000 where employee_id=210; update employees set salary=43000 where employee_id=210 * ERROR at line 1: ORA-20205: You may only make changes during normal office hours ORA-06512: at "HR.

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