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INV: Inter-Organization Currency Conversion Indicates the currency conversion for inter-organization transfers between organizations using different currencies.Available values are: Corporate An exchange rate you define to standardize rates for your company.Set this profile option in the Source instance if the Source is 10.7 or 11.0.If you select ’Global ATP’, the system uses the new Global Order Promising program.Available values are: System Derived from Cost Elements You cannot enter expenditure types for project miscellaneous transactions.The Cost Collector uses the expenditure types linked to the cost elements of the current weighted average unitcost of the item to post to Projects.Inventory predefines a value of Corporate for this profile upon installation.àThe profile is updateable at the Site, Application, and Responsibility levels.

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The following values are possible: Prefix The Item number is a prefix to the lot /serial number Suffix ATP Based on Collected Data None ATP Based on Collected Data INV: Intercompany Invoice for Internal Orders You use this profile to enable creation of Intercompany Invoices for Internal Orders. INV: Default Item Status Indicates the default item status for new items you define.àThis profile is updateable at all levels.Available values are: Continue processing Other (successful) lines for the replenishment header are processed to requisition lines.Halt processing Do not process other (successful) lines for the replenishment header.It applies to the immediate delivery of a currency.User An exchange rate you specify when you enter a foreign currency journal entry that does not have a daily exchange rate.

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