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Which is why it’s so important that Annie has touched upon her sexuality in a new interview with I ask Clark if she identifies either as gay or straight. I’ve had wild nights out where you end up at the Box” — a downtown club that hosts highly sexualized, frequently nude performances by dancers of both genders.

“I think you can fall in love with anybody,” Clark says.

He returned to Providence in 1973 and formed a band called the Artistics with fellow RISD student Chris Frantz. Byrne moved to New York City in May that year and was joined by Frantz and his girlfriend Tina Weymouth in September.

Unable to find a bass player in New York, Frantz and Byrne persuaded Weymouth to learn to play the bass guitar. While working day jobs in late 1974, they were contemplating a band.

By January 1975, they were practicing and playing together, while still working normal day jobs.

They founded the band Talking Heads and had their first gig in June.

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when Ryan Gosling makes Rachel Mc Adams lie down in the middle of the street, and they watch the traffic light change until a car almost runs them over, and then they slow dance to “I’ll Be Seeing You? Well, the video for “Who,” from David Byrne and St.

“I don’t have anything to hide,” adding, “but I’d rather the emphasis be on music.”, I’ve selfishly hoped Annie would feel comfortable enough to give voice to her being LGBT-identified in some capacity and challenge the notions that successful rock musicians are most often straight (or perceived as such).

Annie is someone who is outspoken about her ideas on other topics (including not wanting to be ghettoized and play women only festivals such as Lilith Fair), so it would only make sense that she would also share the imperativeness of queer-friendly spaces, venues and situations for fans.

She may not want to be a poster child or steer conversation away from her music by discussing her personal life, but inevitably her being comfortable and open about her relationship or sexual identity is a positive affectation on the music community in which she thrives., peaked at number 12 on the Billboard charts and last year she was honored with the Smithsonian’s American Ingenuity Award.

Her recorded work is inspiring but her live show is even more so, as Annie is a favorite for music festivals, several of which she’s playing this summer and fall.

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