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On top of the fact, I work from home majority of the time limits me further, throw in to the mix the kids too and all of a sudden you are faced with quite limited options when it comes to the dating front.We are in a growing era with regards to technology and we often have our phone’s at our fingertips, so everything really points to online dating. So for me, the best thing I can do, is remain true to myself and try to be the best Daddy possible to my two children and if I did meet someone, then they would need to understand we come as a package and that the children aren’t baggage. If I am honest, I have tried to change in some way or another for relationships in the past and more often than not, they never work out the way you really intend them to.

More recently, in response to Connie’s question, my son Joseph said to me “Daddy, why don’t you buy one off your phone – as you buy everything from there?!!(who wants to be in a relationship) – I remain optimistic!So what is the best way to date when you are a parent? I suppose, different people have different ideas about what a date would look like or how you would even get to the point of dating someone, but I will try and share some pointers if I may.For me as a single parent, my ultimate goal is to be with someone long term, why wouldn’t I do it?Worse case scenario, it can satisfy you from a basic safeguarding perspective – afterall, this person will be meeting your children at some point if things go well.

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