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The Kenya Identity Card is the main and legal identification document recognized in Kenya.For Kenyan citizens, applying for a national Identity Card is quite easy.It is made up of a cylinder which form Continue reading ...The adoption process begins with the prospective adoptive parents filling out an application which involves getting an adoption order from the High court of Kenya.The town is located ninety kilometers North West of Nairobi and has through the years made to the top-list of weekend getaways for Nairobians streaming in on Friday night, looking forward to the town’s nightlife and the adventure that Saturday and Sunday brings.Away from fun-loving City-lings, the town forms a favorite spot for tourists on family vacations, girls out for bachelorette parties, destination weddings, honeymoons and babymoons all looking for a sanctuary to bond with nature and experience inner peace.They are urged not to take a bath or change clothes as these two actions may alter the evidence that the police may use for prosecution purposes. Slang is an informal language that is more common in speech than in writing and is typically restricted to a particular context or age group.

Immediately after the ordeal, the victim is advised to go to the police station to report the incidence.

Just like any other slang, sheng is mostly used by the youth and children. The word has a similar application as the phrases how are you in English. Most victims of this vice are women just like in many other countries.

This article will focus on the most common sheng words being used in Kenya. Very few cases are reported of males having been raped.

Either way, the feeling and the aftermath of the vise are relatively the same in both sexes.

Without proper and just in time attendance, the victim may have more than just the bad memories of the ordeal to worry about.

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