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The ground rules adopted by sexually monogamous couples tend to prevent behaviors that are viewed as acts of infidelity.

The ground rules adopted by sexually open couples tend to prohibit behaviors that provoke jealousy or sexual health concerns.

The couple may remain together while one partner seeks out sexual gratification as he/she sees fit.

The difference between these situations and a cheating situation is that both partners in the marriage are aware of, and agree to the arrangement.

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Several definitional issues complicate attempts to determine the incidence of open marriage.

Despite their distinctions, however, all open marriages share common issues: the lack of social acceptance, the need to maintain the health of their relationship and avoid neglect, and the need to manage jealous rivalry.

Many open couples maintain rules forbidding emotional attachment, extramarital children, extramarital sex in the marital bed, extramarital sex with those known to both partners, or extramarital sex without the use of barrier contraception. Some situations giving rise to this are where the libidos of partners differ greatly, or illness renders one partner incapable of, or no longer desiring, sex.

The term of open marriage isn't really something just "invented".

Now we are starting to see a different form of monogamy that is "open to variety of lovers" and shares "feelings", "needs", and "desires".

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