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After a flippant remark about self help books from Lorelai, Luke buys a book that helps him realize that he is in love with her.Lorelai surprisingly proposes to Luke, and he quickly accepts.This culminates in Lorelai giving Luke an ultimatum – marry her now or it's over.Luke panics, and cannot commit, and Lorelai walks away.While Lorelai helps Luke unload groceries in the storage room, Lorelai encourages Luke to take the plunge and commit to Rachel, Luke gets angry with Lorelai for taking Rachel's side.Lorelai doesn't understand why Luke is so scared to commit unless there is another reason Luke doesn't want to be with Rachel. After this conversation, Luke cleans out a drawer for Rachel and gives her a key to his place.The possibility of a Luke and Lorelai romance is hinted at early on.

Rachel asks what is going on between Luke and Lorelai, but Luke insists they are just friends.This marriage turns out to be a mistake and they divorce when Luke discovers Nicole is seeing another man.This discovery also results in Luke's arrest for beating up "the other man's" car.The series ends with a kiss between Lorelai and Luke, after he worked all night to throw a goodbye party for Rory.They seem to have had a good relationship and been close, but not star-crossed as they are able to communicate somewhat calmly and tensionless upon seeing each other again after 12 years – aside from the matter of April, of course. Rachel is an adventurous spirit and wanted to live somewhere more exciting then Stars Hollow, but Luke didn't want to leave the place he grew up and so Rachel left, devastating Luke.

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