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The Harvard Center, who Bump goes to the hole for on the delineation of Generation X (but not Y), pegs the beginning of the generation at 1975, which is a little dubious, but I’ll accept it.Millennials, as defined by Neil Howe (demographer) and William Strauss (…playwright), start at 1982.I probably will not bother to explain film cameras and one-hour photo developing.It’s all hazy now anyway, like an old Polaroid where the chemicals are starting to break down.Sure, some of us invented Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, but some of us invented Napster and more of us lost jobs during the Great Internet Massacre of 20.

Patton Oswalt wrote a piece about how non-Millennials seem far more obsessed with their phones, and my theory is that it’s because we remember when there weren’t phones that could connect to the great itch-scratching internet and fear that, one day, they might be taken away from us, so we’re constantly proving to ourselves that they’re still there, that they still work.Those of us with tape decks could only get by if our Discman had at least three seconds of G-Shock protection. I once left a 256-CD binder on the roof of my car after a shift as a fountaineer at Friendly’s and was absolutely panic-stricken when I got home.Try writing a more 90s sentence than that, you walking solid state flash drives.The wardrobe was very much closed by the time I came along in 1981, and while he raised his kids in suburban New York, she raised me across the Philadelphia area, sometimes at my grandparents’ house, sometimes at other relatives’ places, while putting herself through nursing school.Sure, eventually we made it to the suburbs where I did most of my growing up, but the gravity was very much back on by the time her high school class graduated.

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