Male female roles in dating

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Currently, it seems to me: The generalizations I made above are more or less true: men take care of mechanical devices: cars, hi-fi systems, appliances and so on.Women tend to be in charge of decorating the house and making other purchases for the home: choosing drapes and carpets, and, of course, making sure they are clean and cared for properly.She is also likely to be the one buying clothes for them.

That meant not only housekeeping but taking primary responsibility for child upbringing. Most women—although not all—do the cooking and cleaning. Men are likely to assemble the furniture, women are likely to find themselves with the task of cleaning it.

I am somewhat uncomfortable hearing about such an arrangement.

Often I learn about it only when an accusation has been made that someone violated the terms of the agreement.

I think there is implicit in such a financial understanding the recognition that there is no real commitment to each other. It is usually the case that one spouse says “we need this,” about a particular expenditure, and the other says, “we can’t afford this.” Over and over again throughout a marriage, each spouse is likely to take the same position.

The person who thinks something—a vacation, a new bathroom—is necessary always thinks what is being considered is necessary, and the other always thinks it is unaffordable. Religious matters: It used to be in some places that women took the religion of their future husbands.

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