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The Turks and Caicos Islands are next in Irma's path.

Irma is then expected to move in a west-northwest direction towards Cuba and possibly make landfall along the east coast of Florida by the end of the week.

The first hermaphrodite picture was created in 1860, when French photographer Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, otherwise known as Nadar, took nine photographs of a young person with a male build and stature, but who might have identified as female.

These are considered the first hermaphrodite human pictures in the world, and were reserved only for medical uses.

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Hurricane Warnings have been placed in the region on the following islands: Dominican Republic Hurricane Irma live stream At 7.26am EDT (12.26pm BST), a webcam located in the Las Terrenas resort town of the Dominican Republic is already picking up dark skies and strong winds pummelling the coast.

Strong waves are breaking up on the sandy shore as the eye of the cyclone passes the island in the north.

Below are some pictures to show what Hermaphrodite looks like in humans as well as art works based on it.We hope you understand and continue to enjoy the webcams whether they're zoomed in or out, and share your highlights with us on the forums.The Addo, Satara and Nossob webcams were bought with funds raised exclusively by the SANParks forum members.This typically means that the organs on the inside are of one sex, while the organs on the outside are of another sex; for example, a hermaphrodite might have a penis and testicles, but inside, there are ovaries and possibly a uterus.In more rare cases, the chromosomes say a person is male or female, but the genitals say otherwise.

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