Going about dating swedish men

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Swedes tend to live by the law of Jante (Jantelagen), which means that you should not brag or think that you’re better than someone else.This is deeply rooted in the Swedes and therefore boasting yourself or your accomplishments will most likely end up being perceived as extremely unattractive. Photo: Shutterstock Although Swedes aren’t the most chatty people on the planet, they’re really good listeners and genuinely interested in getting to know another person, which is very nice.As in any conversation, there needs to be a balance between talking and listening, so if you really want to impress your Swedish date, remember to listen as much as you talk.Once the Swede feels comfortable, you’ll notice that they aren’t afraid of asking straightforward questions.Swedes are not very quick to show their emotions and usually both men and women play it cool after the first date, even though they might be interested.It is very important not to be perceived as needy or obtrusive, so control your enthusiasm while texting your Swedish fling (by the way you should always text, not call).So how do people approach one another when they go out?If you want to meet someone, you’d better make your way to the dance floor.

It is very important that you don’t get ahead of yourself and leap to any conclusions about the success of the date.Photo: Shutterstock If it’s your first time dating a Swede and you are hoping for a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant? It is not very unusual that the first date will include going bowling, hiking or playing pool and drinking beer. Of course there’s also the candlelight types out there, but most often the first date will a “testing the waters” of sorts to see if there’s anything there worth investing time and energy into.After some time, the dating might get to the next level with more lavish activities.And as a man, assuming that you should pay may be considered rude as it would suggest the woman can’t pay for herself, although she can and wants to. The success factor of a date depends equally as much on the man as the woman.As a woman, don’t expect your date to hold up the door or pull out your chair.

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