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The Huffington Post stated "Whether it's a comment on the absurdity of genocide (of which M. S., which is portrayed as the aggressor in the clip — often pretend don't happen: the rounding-up of ethnic minorities, the trampling of personal liberties, the bullying of the powerless by those with authority." Ann Powers wrote in the Los Angeles Times that the video "concentrated fully" on the physical horror of gun butts and bullets hitting flesh, with the scenes giving added poignancy to the lyrical themes of the song.

Some critics described the film as "sensationalist".

All studies agree that variation in fat-free mass (FFM) plays a major role, but effects of fat mass (FM), age, sex, and the hormones leptin, triiodothyrionine (T) remain uncertain.

Objective: We partitioned the variance in BMR into within- and between-subject effects and explored the roles of FFM, FM, bone mineral content, sex, age, and circulating concentrations of plasma leptin, T.

The video's portrayal of military force, violence and brutality met with a positive critical reception but much controversy worldwide, including a ban from You Tube in the US and UK, with some critics hailing its representation of oppression and political turmoil and others criticizing the explicit material in the video. The video would depict the footage of the extra-judicial killing of Tamil males she had uploaded three months prior onto her Twitter feed.

Even when these factors are known, however, substantial residual variation remains.Conclusions: Our data confirm that both FFM and FM are significant contributors to BMR.When the effect of FM on BMR is removed, any association with leptin concentrations disappears, which suggests that previous links between circulating leptin concentrations and BMR occurred only because of inadequate control for the effects of FM.The "Born Free" film includes graphic violence and language, as well as nudity.Ian Hamrick, the 12-year-old red-haired actor whose character is shot in the head in the film, described the video as "showing violence to end violence." He felt a potency in the video absent from far more graphic video game media such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. complimented his work on set, stating "She wanted to make sure I was OK, that I knew what was happening and why she killed [my character].

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