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The other bars in this area have a mid 20's to early 30's demographic. The best spot is in and around the large Viru shopping mall in the middle of town. It has multiple train stops all around it, as well as a big adjacent park. The second best place is 2 blocks away, in and around the Solaris shopping mall, which is next to a university library, and a school. She was seated on a bench inside the mall, just killing time after classes. I told her I had just come to town, and that she must be some kind of undiscovered tour guide. Asked her if I could have a seat next to her, and she welcomed me to join her. I told her, "I would invite you to my apartment to listen to some nice music, but I have work early, so you wouldn't be able to stay long".Her response, "Oh my..would be wonderful " Back at the hotel (which looks like an apartment), I led her by the hand to my room, and loaded up my insta-date Spotify playlist.

The words are phrased in an interesting & weird way, without sounding totally alien like Finnish. Most people I spoke with in Tallinn were fluent in English. Having come from Helsinki where it tasted like cardboard, and over priced.

In Helsinki, yes you might see a rare disney princess looking hb10 blonde.

But most will look more like frozen feminist yeti's. For overall feminine beauty, Kiev girls are still sexier by an edge.

Of course, as soon as the day's work is complete it's time to start ingratiating myself with the locals, so if you have any updated tips or advice outside of what has been posted above I would appreciate it.

I'm also going to rent a car to take a day or weekend trip or out to wherever it is Estonian women hit the beach.

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