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I’m sure you’re not complaining, but you might be wondering why you keep having sex dreams exclusively about orgasms.It could mean you’ve got some sexual tension that needs to be unleashed in a healthy way, or you’ve got an exciting end occurring in your life.(Fine, I’ll admit I also find him sexy as hell.) The simplest answer is that a sex dream about a celebrity means you’re slightly obsessed with this famous person.Another explanation is that you have a particularly strong drive to be successful and recognized for your accomplishments. It doesn’t mean your brain is about to take you on a cheating a rampage without having any choice in the matter.

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One out of every five women dream about their partner being unfaithful, so you’re definitely not alone.

You may be harboring a fear of being abandoned as well.

Is there a large penis bothering you in your dream?

Time to reassess what’s really happening in your relationship.

Orgies, bondage, partner swapping, gay sex when you’re straight (or vice versa) — these are all scenarios that might make you feel weird when you wake up, but they’re perfectly normal sex dreams. You just get a free pass to enjoy some fantasies in a judgment-free setting.

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