Design guidelines for accommodating amputees in the workplace Dirty chatlines

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Persons with disabilities have the right to equal treatment when it comes to accessing and maintaining housing.

The Human Rights Code defines disability as: an exhaustive list of what constitutes disability.

The next section will look at what this means in practice.

: A ramp built at the back of an apartment building that requires a person with a disability to access their home through the building garbage room does not respect the human dignity of the individual. This means that each person must be considered, assessed and individually accommodated.

For example: caused by being blind or deaf, the need for an accessible shower or the use of a wheelchair, but instead are caused by the absence of Braille and the lack of an appropriate shower or ramp.

The exclusion in society of persons with disabilities is Under the Code, housing providers are not permitted to discriminate against persons with disabilities, and in fact, have a “duty to accommodate” persons with disabilities—short of undue hardship.

They are required to disclose information to the person obligated to provide accommodation, but only as it pertains to the need for accommodation.

The person required to provide the accommodation should also keep medical documentation provided in relation to the request for accommodation in a file that is separate from the general file.

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