Dating single dad with daughter

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But give him a minute or even twenty or perhaps, two dates to flush it out of his system. You have to respect his relationship with his children If a candlelit dinner is interspersed with several calls from kids who cannot get over Mooha’s death on their favorite TV show or need candy when dad gets home, do not get accusatory or miffed. You may, instead, opt for a more supportive approach so he knows that you are willing to try and are encouraging of his parenting habits.

So, if you are hearing about his kid’s science projects, his new bike or even potty-training problems, I know that it isn’t really date-talk.

Do not judge him – he had to bribe his way into coming to see you. Children become easily attached, and you don’t want to disappoint or hurt them if things don’t work out. And even when he is spending time with you, it may so happen that the kids intercept those meetings/dates or he has to leave a date midway coz something like an A-bomb went off at his place! If you aren’t prepared to share your WE-time or cannot stand not being the focus of all his attention, then a single dad might not be the guy for you.

Also, if you are dating a single dad with full custody, you will have to be prepared for sharing his ‘availability’ with his kids. Similar situations may happen when you are romantically involved with a single dad, sharing joint custody. You have to be sure about how you fit in with his kids Meeting the kids is a HUGE step in the process. If you are serious and intend to get married somewhere down the line, then it might be a good idea to meet the kids.

He owes his allegiance to his children, FIRST And that’s a good thing.

A dad who lives and breathes his kids’ lives is a mature adult who has got his priorities straight.

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