Dating quiz for guys

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I like that is sweet, funny, and not afraid to have fun also country. hey this quiz is just for boys good luck with it and btw My name is Amy I am not saying my age I'm from callifornia I'm sweet funny and shy :) just try your best on this quiz thanks Would I date you. Interested or bored, I hope you'll still answer truthfully, and I hope you'll enjoy.

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I cant tell if it is because I am a nondescript, whether or not I blend into the crowd, or if it is my uncanny ability to vanish when no one is looking. Still it cant hurt to dream a little, and who knows, perhaps my luck will change, maybe I will find someone I can be happy with. So silently I wait for the day when it happens, trying everything in my power to connect with others (albeit failing miserably and going back to hiding) and learning as much as I can through the teachings and experience of others around me (what few remain).

But beware, boys who love to chase often get a bit bored once they've landed their lady, but at least you'll make a lifelong friend!

If Alex is your dream guy, chances are you're a lady who just wants to cuddle up with your man and be left alone.

Hmmm are you suggesting it's not ok to be smart, and that being smart is abnormal? Fair enough on the rude part but I think those three things are completely unrelated.

I have never met anyone who fits that description...

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