Dating jackson guitar serial numbers

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There is not a lot of information out there on-line or in my reference books concerning Memphis Guitars. I would than say it's probably a 1975 or 1976 model year.Per the Blue Book of Electric Guitars they're not worth to much, .00 to 5.00 USD depending upon condition (if memory serves me correctly from work).Jackson was essentially the pioneer of the "Superstrat" design.Overall design started as a superstrat with differences from the Stratocaster such as a neck-thru design and often a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo bridge and premium woods.Before that the Soloist styled guitars were named "Custom Strat" or "Neck-Through Body Strat" guitars.The earlier models were typically true custom guitars that follow no real standard.I just picked up a 1997 US made Fender stratocaster. Thanks again, Marlene// Marlene: Of the Memphis guitars that have been posted here no one has complained about the sound.I put Fender Mod Shop's "Samarium Cobalt Noiseless" pickups into my Made in Mexico (MIM) "Standard Stratocaster" and they made all the difference in the world, if you like a nice warn tone.

There are examples of the Soloist idea going back to the days before Jackson was an official company and just a side project of Grover Jackson while he was running Charvel.Early examples have set necks, Stratocaster-shaped bodies, Explorer style headstocks, and often Charvel appointments like vintage tremolos.In the earliest days of the official Jackson company, the general Soloist style was not quite official.A customer could get any configuration and any brand.The standard pickup brand was Seymour Duncan until very early 1985 when the company began using in-house wound pickups standard. While the standard colors were Platinum Pink, Ferrari Red, Ivory and Black, any custom color or airbrushed graphic was available for an upcharge.

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