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But for those interested in exploring, "there are more opportunities and there are better opportunities to keep it private," said Andrea Rugh, an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington, D. At the bar in [email protected], Mohamed Qawasmeh and his friend Shadi Al-Saeed flirt with a group of American girls.The two Jordanian 20-somethings said that a few years ago there were only one or two places where they could go to get a drink and meet girls. "It's not weird for anyone to say I'm going clubbing.If two students decide that they want to become a couple, the trees and shrubbery allow their relationship to be unrevealed to others that might inform the families.My friend, Maha, put it best when she said, “What happens under the trees stays under the trees.” For the more advanced couples, there is also a “secret garden” option, though I was told that only the “worst” couples go there.Beginning with the oil boom in the 1970s, many Arab families became increasingly fragmented as people moved to the Gulf for lucrative jobs.Today the trend continues, as people move to cities or abroad for work.

Meanwhile, technology has made it easier for young people to connect.

"We're moving from a conservative society to a more open society," Al-Mahadeen said.

"It is expected that people's personal freedoms will continue to grow still wider." In the corner of a noisy bar on a Thursday night, Sheila, a Jordanian who asked only to use her first name, snuggled with her boyfriend and chatted with two friends.

The Internet and cell phones have provided young people with the means to privately communicate.

All the while, western media has flooded the Middle East, exposing people to more liberal lifestyles.

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