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Clay Aiken faced a similar situation when he decided to have a child through in vitro fertilization with his best friend.The child was special as it was born with the medical boon and liberated him out of his false sexual identity as well leading him to acknowledge his gay sexuality.Christina Aguilera’s “”You Lost Me,” which goes “She has won / Now its no fun / We’ve lost it all / The love is gone.And we had magic / And this is tragic / You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.Water 2, and appears on the show with his boyfriend Josh Canfield, who is also a Broadway performer."Writing and directing my first musical in London and being the first person in my family with a Master's degree," he says is his claim to fame.In their pre-"Survivor" interview, Canfield says he met Kelly "through a mutual friend in New York" when Kelly was doing "Spiderman" on Broadway.“Everybody knows Reed as Clay‘s guy,” a Broadway insider tells Star.So says Kelly’s My Space profile, which a tipster points out was changed to “single.” And what song is he listening to?

According to ' target='new'Just, the pair met in 2008 while Aiken was performing in the Broadway company of "Spamalot" and Kelly flying around the Gershwin Theater as a winged monkey in the cast of "Wicked." It was rumored that the couple met through Aiken's accompanist who played in the pit orchestra for "Wicked."Aiken went public with the relationship shortly after coming out of the closet on the cover of People magazine.

Who knew that Clay Aiken could get an underwear model?

To be fair, this particular underwear model, Jeff Walters, is kind of Clark Kent-ish – check out the transition from nerdy ass glasses guy at the Peanuts booth to suave, muscular, ridiculous underwear guy in the gallery. The couple has been hitting Dallas hard this week – Clay went to see Jeff play Rocky in , and the next night they went to the Gaylord Texan Ice Show (which is where the photo above was taken). It’s good if you want to look at like, muscles or whatever, but what I’m really interested in is the comedic value.

The show is scheduled to end its run on January 11.

The 30-year-old made headlines this year by fathering a son, Parker, and coming out on the cover of People magazine.

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