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The prisoners varied in age, gender, sexual orientation and motivation and the purpose of the show was to push reality right under the noses of the viewers and show them the consequences of such actions.

Several singles line up to be chosen, the atmosphere is tense and the men and women these singles could have the chance to date are no where to be seen. Traditional China comes face to face with the 21st century.

You guessed it, the singer with the least votes at the end of the episode is eliminated.

As one singer is eliminated one week, a new one joins the next week. If they’ve survived 7 weeks, they have “won” and graduate from the show. Search “Happy League China” on the internet and only one type of article will appear.

Once the lucky singles are presented, the rapid fire commences.

Finances, appearance and housework capabilities seem to be the most important factors for parents. Once the suitor has been chosen, they are presented to the parents child (though not a child anymore) and can begin dating as they are obviously the perfect match for each other. “I am a singer” is the Chinese adaptation of the Korean TV show.

Unlike other singing shows where anyone is free to audition, this show is specifically for veterend, famous singers.

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The female presenter of the show, Ding Yu, specifically visited those convicted for violent murders hours before their execution.“Chinese dating show features murder suspect” To any reality show producer, I can imagine finding this out is pure gold.The premise of the show remains unclear since it has apparently vanished from the internet but it can be assumed that it is an average (or, as average as it can be in China) dating show where women are presented with a selection of men and choose the most suitable candidate to date.Sorry.” While this show isn’t aired anymore, it can still be found online.It was a very popular show which deviated from the Reality TV norm of crazy dating and adventure shows.

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