Chilli and floyd mayweather dating

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When Chilli's publicist gave the okay, I almost fell out! Because whatever the issues that you see in the beginning, when something deep down tells you that you can't deal with it, but you go against the grain, that's the very thing that's going to break you all up. I remember watching the Sally Jesse Rafael show back in the 90s when you met your dad. Because my mom and my great grandmother, who raised me, my big mama, were such strong women.

:) LOL Season 2 of What Chilli Wants premiered on Sunday, January 2nd, and I sat down to talk with Chilli on the phone about what happened with Bill, what's up with her and Floyd, and whether or not she still has the infamous list! So I would naturally carry myself in a certain way because of that. I am very straight forward, so you'd never have to wonder what I'm thinking or what I'm feeling about something. A lot of the things that are on my list, that I want in a guy... How do you think your relationship with your father plays into the relationships you've had with men? So I never felt that emptiness from my dad not being around.

“The whole time he was flying to Atlanta to see Chilli, he was seeing Shantel behind her back.” adds the source. Feeling betrayed Chilli, now says she is done with Floyd. Floyd has lost a good friend and he knows it.” This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 and is filed under Exclusive Stories.

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Even though in our mind the problem is already resolved: MARRY FLOYD MAYWEATHER.

If you make this show 75 percent Missy we will run home immediately after work and crazy glue our asses to the couch every night this show is on. So here’s a recap of why this is awesome: fine ass men all over the television, Floyd Mayweather, Tionna’s wardrobe / glasses , the sentence “SO DATE JESUS!

I grew up listening to TLC in middle school (Oooooooh on the TLC Tip) and high school (Crazy Sexy Cool), wearing my clothes baggy, and still being cute at the same time! Is that what you think it is that's preventing you from finding someone? I feel like a lot of people, just choose to deal with a lot of craziness in a relationship, just to be in one. And because I do not, I think that I save myself from a lot of headaches and unnecessary heartbreaks.

It's not going to be no relationship where we're straddling the fence and all that kinda stuff. (and I have tried to tell some of y'all this repeatedly!The two have some serious chemistry and I actually think they make a cute couple.TLC singer Chilli is devastated after learning the man she loves, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jn., has been keeping a big secret from her – he’s engaged to another woman.“And she was hoping it would be with Floyd.” Chilli and Floyd has been friends for several years, and he recently hinted that they might eventually be “more than friends.” But she discovered the Boxer’s deception when his fiancee,model Shantel Jackson, made headlines for a bikini photo shoot.The accompanying story revealed that she had been engaged to Floyd Mayweather since September.

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