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HTTPS, however, employs SSL certificates, which means all data that travels between the browser and server is screened with encryption.

Someone watching can see that a user is on the Wikipedia site, but they can’t see the specific pages being viewed. They must either block Wikipedia as a whole to prevent people from potentially accessing information that the government doesn’t like, or they have to mind their own business and allow citizens to access Wikipedia freely to learn and read as they choose.

They seek to censor pages they find unfit, inflammatory, or offensive, stifling the curiosity and basic rights of their citizens.

Wikipedia is an avid advocate for freedom of information and has been part of the constant battle against censorship on the internet.

Since the birth of Wikipedia, countless people around the world have been able to access encyclopedic articles about virtually any topic they could want in a matter of seconds, facilitating learning and advancement for all.

However, there are governments in the world today that don’t appreciate this freedom of information.

Some are more obvious and expected, such as Iran censoring content related to sex, women’s rights, and religious topics.

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HTTP Wikipedia sessions were not encrypted, so the government could see the specific pages each user was searching for and block what they didn’t like while leaving access to the rest.It got her thinking about a whole heap of generalities to do with choosing to live alone (which women love and men don’t, she claims). Here’s a few: Sometimes we suffer pangs of loneliness, sometimes we ache for the companionship of that mythic soul mate, but mostly we cherish our independence. A cave is like “being alone”, but is temporary and – and this is the important distinction – can be experienced while a woman is sitting right next to him on the couch. We can’t “escape” to our alone spot when people are around. Their observations included data from both user perspective and the side of the Wikipedia server as well. As a whole, Wikipedia censorship has greatly decreased.A majority of countries in the study showed no evidence of censorship at all, and this is attributed in large part to the difficulty of screening presented by HTTPS. In addition to China, Turkey has also blocked Wikipedia in its entirety, preferring the blanket ban to the possibility of users viewing pages they don’t approve of.

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