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For those who can't tolerate any off topic discussion, may I suggest that you simply use private chat, or maybe *gasp* play a game. It reminds me of some stupid arguments about Iraq war in English rooms some monthes ago...).Finally, admins were having to wade through hours of political garbage that the vast majority of people weren't interested in to make sure that the first thing people saw when they came on wasn't someone being obnoxiuos, abusive, and obscene.ethanb: Well, I'm all in favor of non-violent resistance and disobedience of authority as a means of getting a point across, but I think the "Everybody leave the English Chat Room" isn't very well thought out.In this case, the system has already provided you with a way to play games in a room with non-go related conversations. Nobody's forcing you to play in the English Game Room if you really don't feel like it. Same thing as the Playing Room really - I always figured the only reason that failed was because most people, in fact, didn't mind the chatter.The ECR, or also known as the English Chat Room, was a counterpart to the English Game Room on KGS.

People that are already using KGS don't mind the chat in the ER to much, perhaps, though we've had increasing amounts of complaints about it lately as it's gotten increasingly bad.Anyways this is their server and they can rule by draconian force if they like.I will not however post a game in the new game room or engage in any discussion.The problem, though, is that with no viable place to really play away from the chatter, people who didn't like the chatter simply left the server.Fwiffo: The problem isn't the chat -- it's the content.

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