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This moment was disputable, and badly affected the K850i, as the company engineers in a hurry removed a Sony camera, as it, in fact, had the stills, which were as good as in the budget cameras.But in case the technological model is so savagely cropped, the company has nothing to do but to turn these disadvantages into advantages or to make an emphasis on the image, for example, interesting design and so on.

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In 2005-2006 it was rather difficult to distinguish between the mother brand Sony and its daughter company Sony Ericsson.

Unless its younger cousin C702, the vendor utilizes in the phone TFT-matrix with 2 diagonal, as well as in the image solutions of the company, for example, the W890i; to compare the T650ihas a smaller 1.9 screen.

The physical dimensions of the matrix are 31 x 41.4mm.

But after Nokia 5310, the thin case stopped being an obstacle to the qualitative sound, and the Walkman-solutions were distinguished only due to the interesting design and functional program platform.

Design It isnt an easy task to create a wheel once again, and one should be careful when creating a new interesting design.

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