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But as ladies know, that's not always the case (hey, we're all different, after all).If you need to give him guidance, but don't want to crush his ego, here's where to start.Used exclusively by men (usually but not always gay men) in online dating or chat profiles, the unit, while not uniform, often corresponds roughly to 1.5 American or English system inches.For example a standard 6 inch long penis becomes 9 AOL inches, etc., though the "average" AOL inch length appears to be between 8-9.In march of 2009 AOL personals introduced a subsection of their already well established personals sites (e Harmony and

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Whether you are looking for dating advice, love, or a serious relationship, AOL Personals has all you are looking for…

Because that's what it was really about— your crush.

Sure, I had fights with my first boyfriend over AIM after he went to college, but that's not what stands out in my memory.

We will miss the old aol personals - it was once the greatest online dating site, period.

A unit of measurement for determining the length and girth of an erect penis.

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