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The Colorme Happy Bot can recommend lipsticks from the Color Me Happy award-winning range of Korean lipsticks!It can conduct a skintone analysis, recommend the right colors, help you with your shopping decision, show you pictures, tell you jokes, feed you lipstick trivia! Your conversations makes me understand humans better. Perhaps for that very reason, boys are more comfortable talking to animations of females on their mobile screens than asking a real girl out on a date.Is there anything fundamentally wrong with all this?

Adult chat bots female to female-19

Adult chat bots female to female-24

Adult chat bots female to female-24

Are inexperienced, nerdy guys receptive to that type of mentoring from a chatbot, or do they just want to get straight to the dirty talk?Chatbots4u apparently offers hosting services for business-focused intelligent assistants, but the site’s primary goal seems to be to offer a free platform for the creation and hosting of recreational chatbots.As I noted last year, the Chatbots4u platform seems to be aimed at a younger, international crowd.Chatbot hotties are programmed to utter what boys think they should say, or want them to say.They don’t speak in the same nuanced way that a real girl would.

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